Thomas Wunsch, Untitled, from the series CODE  © Thomas Wunsch

Thomas Wunsch
Open 24/7
25 June - 9 September 2021

Opening: Friday, 25 June 2021 from 7pm
Introduction: Curator Florian Koch

The Wiesbaden-based photographer went to the USA at the age of 17, where he became a member of the Kodak Young Photographers League. In 1980, he founded his own photo studio in Hamburg and devoted himself to commercial photography with a focus on fashion, still life and portraits (e.g. with shots of Yoko Ono, Ai Weiwei, Sting and the Dalai Lama). In 1984 Wunsch moved to the USA and worked as a stills photographer in a film production studio for many years. In 2001, he began working with the Munich record label ECM, which has since used his photographs for CD cover photos. Exhibitions in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Canada and South Korea since 2005.


In Thomas Wunsch's works, the specific elements of the urban context are transformed into pure abstraction. The photo artist has known how to transform his subjects into magical, aesthetically attractive images for many years. His works were once described as artful stagings of meditation landscapes. He is particularly interested in structures that are a mesh of colour transitions and interconnections, which he finds in metropolises such as New York, London and Beijing. But it is only through his special digital processing on the computer that his photographs find their artistic dimension. In his current series CODE, typo elements or numbers can be seen in addition to the abstraction. These fragments of writing elude decoding by the viewer and bring about an additional mystification of his photographs.

The Frankfurt KunstSäule, a project by Florian Koch and Daniel Hartlaub, shows three temporary exhibitions a year in the public space - at the corner of Brückenstraße / Gutzkowstraße in Sachsenhausen.

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At the Brückenstraße Playground
(Brückenstraße / Gutzkowstraße)
In Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

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