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In the context of the exhibition Essays of Undoing (RAY MASTER CLASS exhibition).
Eight artists read from their works in the exhibition spaces.
Regular admission 5 euros, reduced admission 3.50 euros, free admission for students with student ID.
No registration required. Current safety and hygiene measures apply.



Annika Grabold (*1995) studied fine arts in Offenbach, Tallinn and Hamburg and is currently working on her discomfort with the artist profession.

Hetty Hollm, born in 1996 in Berlin, writes short textual interventions and records sudden impressions. This creates subjectively coloured word fields, sometimes fluttery, sometimes emphatic. She studies fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Mainz and sports and English at the Johannes Gutenberg University.

Camilla Lindner (*1991) writes poetry and prose. Her texts explore the margins between fiction and reality. She studied English and political theory and lives in Frankfurt am Main.

Stephanie Nebenführ lives in Offenbach. She organises readings, e.g. at the Frankfurter Kunstverein and the Romanfabrik Frankfurt. Publications in anthologies and magazines, most recently in "Literaturboten" and "apostrophe". In spring 2021 she published the anthology "Vom Warten auf das nächste Jahr". She has also been a member of the Darmstädter Textwerkstatt since 2021. Over five decades, anecdotal experiences of a family life are collected in her story "Das Haus". The individual stories of the family members are intertwined to form intergenerational dreams, experiences and fears.

Aslı Özdemir's (b. 1993, Erbach i.Odw) artistic practice consists of photography, writing, installation and performance. Furthermore, she has been active in the field of semi-professional theatre since 2016. In September of this year, her self-written play BLAUE STUNDE. premiered. Since April 2020, she has been writing a book that gradually forms from lyrical fragments into an in-depth observation of her own self and the environment in which she locates herself. Özdemir's texts often emerge in an intuitive writing process that usually focuses on the supposedly unspectacular of everyday goings-on.

In her observations, the protagonist of Lisa Peil's stories orientates herself in a present that is increasingly hostile to life and people. The partly fragmentary narratives are composed of multi-layered snapshots. Lisa Peil is working on the art book "Refugium/Field Studies without Fields 2", in which she combines and collages her favourite media of painting, photography, drawing and text. Lisa Peil is 33 years old and lives in Frankfurt.

Robert Schittko always wants everything. Born shortly before the fall of the Wall and always oscillating between artistic disciplines, he works with photography, ceramics and text. He graduated with photographic sculptures at the HfG Offenbach this spring and for the reading at the Museum Angewandte Kunst he will read from a lost diary about falling in love and also short texts of his own.

In her artistic work, Catharina Szonn deals with the technological and social realities of our present, drawing on cultural phenomena that have already passed and depicting machines as the surviving colloborators of an incessant idea of economic expansion. The boundaries to philosophical themes, text and language are fluid in her way of expression.

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