Nomads, Desertification, 2019
©Thomas Keydel

I’m alone. Sajid, 17, Eidomeni, Greek/North Macedonian border, November 2015
© Charlotte Schmitz

Framed Gallery
7 – 20 June 2021
Opening 07. June, 4 - 6 pm, Framed Gallery

In the exhibition BEYOND, Alexandra Kohler and Esra Klein are presenting selected works on the multi-layered theme of ideologies.
The artists Ana Paula Dos Santos, Aldo Freund, Thomas Keydel, Ivanka Penjak and Charlotte Schmitz open up diverse perspectives on societal and social phenomena such as racism, segregation, environmental destruction or post-colonial heritage in their works.
The programme is centred around the independent exhibition venue Framed Gallery, and publicly visible works are additionally integrated into the urban landscape at prominent locations such as the Alte Brücke or Hafen 2. 
The aim of the project is to detach art from the mainstream scene and make it accessible to everyone. 
The project is part of SKALE, an independent platform for photography and art. 

Framed Gallery / Alte Brücke
Braubachstraße 26, 60311 Frankfurt am Main


Opening hours
Mon - Fri 6 - 8 pm
Sat - Sun 3 - 7 pm