“Underneath” © Nathalie Zimmermann

“Gesichter" © Stefanie Koesling

"Who is she" © Linda Deutsch

"Und sie sagte" © Sinah Osner

“Akademia" © Anna Logue

Female Photo Club
Danzig am Platz
10.09.2021 - 26.09.2021

16 female photographers from the Female Photo Club Frankfurt/Rhein-Main are coming together for the first time in the group exhibition she*.

Exhibiting photographers:
Lena Bils, Katrin Binner, Linda Deutsch, Farideh Diehl, Jasmin Dories, Yvonne Jung, Stefanie Kösling, Alexandra Lechner, Anna Logue, Sinah Osner, Ricarda Piotrowski, Salome Roessler, Sonja Schwarz, Alexandra Vosding, Nathalie Zimmermann, Angelika Zinzow.

Franziska von Plocki

The exhibition is supported by:
HA Hessen Agentur GmbH, Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt, Frauenreferat der Stadt Frankfurt, Danzig am Platz, Saal, Brieke
The Female Photoclub is a Germany-wide network of female photographers and has been a registered association since the end of 2020. As of April 2021, the network already comprises almost 260 female photographers throughout Germany. The association realises its goals on a regional level in locally organised groups.  The Female Photo Club wants to increase the visibility of professionally working female photographers and ensure that their perspectives are seen.

Danzig am Platz
Ostparkstraße 11
60314 Frankfurt am Main


Opening hours
Thu - Fri 4 - 8 PM
Sat 12 - 8 PM
Sun 12 - 6 PM