Don’t fuck with the user, 2021
Arhun Aksakal, Timon & Melchior Grau

Arhun Aksakal
Timon & Melchior Grau
Don’t fuck with the user
25 June – 8 August 2021

Feeling flooded, feeling deflated!
Whereas many feel deflated to a point where they can feel free again.

It's just like to get an invitation to go to another world.

Famously you feel helpless! You can't trust yourself yet… This then feels good again to be honest once and for all and you're like, "what the hell is wrong with me, you know!?" Well anyway you are in the world and the world

Don’t fuck with the user (excerpt), 2021
Arhun Aksakal, Timon & Melchior Grau

In his work, Arhun Aksakal (*1995 in Offenbach, DE) deals with civilisational evolutionary processes as well as with the tension between architecture and nature. Timon and Melchior Grau (*1990, 1991 in Hamburg, DE) question the interdependence of humans on designed structures in their work and expose subject/object-relationships.

Invited by Vivien Kämpf.

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